Establishing Early Readers

As a Pre-K Teacher, I work hard everyday to help kids begin to love letters and words!  Emergent reading is critical, since it is the building block for developing further literacy skills.  One way that I help kids to recognize letters and words is to label the classroom!  It’s a great idea to label anything […]

Plan, Prep, Repeat!

Plan, prep, repeat!  Lesson planning is a key component of teaching.  One thing that is constantly on the minds of teachers is how they can best plan their lessons.  Planning a lesson can often be a fun part of teaching, since it requires creative thinking and problem solving.  In order to meet state standards, create […]

The Power of Words

Have you ever heard the quote, “Words have power?”  It’s certainly true!  The words we say, think, and write each day hold the power to influence ourselves and the people around us.  As teachers, we especially influence our students’ lives with our words.  That’s our job, isn’t it?!  Teachers’ words truly have power within the […]

So You Want to be Creative?!

Creativity in the classroom and bringing new ideas into the students’ perspectives is what teaching is all about! If teachers stop being creative, then learning will cease. Children will no longer become engaged; rather, they will find learning to be dull, and they will see no connection to what you are trying to teach them. […]