The Power of Words

Have you ever heard the quote, “Words have power?”  It’s certainly true!  The words we say, think, and write each day hold the power to influence ourselves and the people around us.  As teachers, we especially influence our students’ lives with our words.  That’s our job, isn’t it?!  Teachers’ words truly have power within the classroom! 🌟




Teachers can use their power through words by exemplifying positivity.  Positivity goes a long way, especially with students.  As a teacher, I always like to give praise to students when it is due.  Children deserve to feel good and to be recognized for their efforts.  Using positive reinforcement, such as praise, keeps children engaged, happy, and ready to learn more!  Even if it’s a simple, “Great job!,” “Way to go!,” or “Keep up the good work!,” children appreciate this praise coming from an important role model in their lives.


Teachers can also use their power through words by helping children to understand the power of words.  During today’s day and age of technology and social media, bullying is unfortunately on the rise.  Teachers can inspire children to be kind to each other during everyday interactions, as well as on social media.  Showing students that you respect them through your positive language will help them to respect others with their own positive language, in turn.


I’ve always liked the idea of a “bucket filling” system in the classroom.  When students exemplify kindness, they will fill their buckets.  If they do something negative, their bucket will empty for each negative action.  Help your students to become bucket fillers ✅, not bucket emptiers 🚫.


Just keep in mind this important quote – “Words have power.”


But not only do words HAVE power, words ARE power! 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

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