My Classroom Tour

I am so excited to show you my classroom! I teach third grade, in a departmentalized grade group - so I only teach ELA and Social Studies. My partner teaches Math and Science. I absolutely LOVE it! I can focus completely on my subjects, while knowing that my partner is able to do the same. It also helps me organize my room a bit easier! Here are pictures from my classroom from the beginning of the school year. A few things have moved around once we figured out what worked and didn't - but you get the idea! I hope you love it and can find some things you can use in your classroom as well! Links to products I used at the end :)  If you have any questions, please let me know! {PS - sorry for the picture quality, trying to take pictures after the year starts with the nice camera is proving to be difficult!} 
{Lesson learned for next year!}

My amazing principal allowed me to paint the wall right outside my classroom where I display student work. I added this welcome message in the balloon :)

And here is the rest of the wall outside my classroom. I have sequined clothespins for each balloon where I hang the student's work.

A peek inside the door!

My FAVORITE part of my classroom is the reading area. I love to read and always want to do more of it when I am comfy! I wanted my students to be able to feel comfy as well :) They really do love to be in the reading area now!

This is my small group area. I don't have a kidney table (though I tried my hardest to fight for one during the summer, haha!) - but I think this one works just fine for me! Behind my table, I have shelves with reading A-Z leveled readers, practice written response sheets, and all the other things I need for small groups. I recently moved a set of plastic drawers next to my table so have more storage and it's working well! I can keep papers and progress monitoring supplies here now also instead of a cabinet far far away!

This is an alternative seating option area for my students. I had this table lowered to almost ground level and bought dining chair cushions for them to be able to sit on the floor and work at this table comfortably.

This is the writing area. Students can grab a clipboard or a lap desk and work on writing here - all the supplies they need are in the buckets (from ikea!) attached to the desk. {This area was recently revamped due to getting a new desktop teacher computer - but I loved it like this!}

This is the wall to the left when you come in the door of my classroom. This is where I hung my word wall (I attached the words to black foam board after laminating each one - I did NOT want to glue each individual word to the wall or a cabinet haha!), and where the scheduling/goals for our week goes. I have small group stations set here and reading workshop rotations. {This area has also been revamped, since we got our chrome books and now the students do stations on them :)}

This is the front of the room. In the crates are student bins (from IKEA) where student materials are kept (notebooks, workbooks, journals, etc). I loved this idea, but did't like my students having to get out of their seats and walk across the room to get their materials when they needed them. So, I moved 2 crates to each table group and put the students' materials in the crate. It's working much better and still looks nice. :)

Our school's theme this year is KEEP CALM and CARRY ON - which fit PERFECTLY with my classroom, so I added it in where I could! The lamps came from Walmart and I found the keep calm stickers at the Dollar Tree. I took out the CARRY sticker and wrote in LEARN on this one and READ in the reading center. I love how they turned out! There it is friends! I hope you enjoyed the tour - maybe I'll be able to get better pictures soon, but thanks for bearing with me through these :) Let me know if you have any questions! 

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